Moving Column Horizontal Machining Center

Moving Column Horizontal Machining Center


MH Series

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions
MH Series Specification
X axis travel:600~1200 mm
Y axis travel:500~1000 mm
Z axis travel:500~1000 mm
Table Size:400~800 mm

MH-500A, the Small-Middle Size designed specifically for small-middle parts, suitable for machining hardware and automotive parts.
Automatic Pallet Change
With high speed pallet change and reduce non-cutting time of workpiece setup. And the precision tapered orientation to ensure the stability of pallet change.

1 .The column is designed with a symmetrical double-wall structure, in order to prevent from temperature growth which would cause of generating the thermal deformation and affecting cutting accuracy.
2. Adopting the high-intensive base not only prevent the vibration but raise the cutting stability.
3. The spindle with short nose design to exhibit exceptional rigidity. The spindle head is designed by Finite Element Analysis to achieve an optimal structure with increased length of locking surface, making it easily for deep holes processing.
4. The magazine install in the above that has less interference region, and the short tool arm has rapid tool change rate.
5. The machine with compact construction, which has minimum using space that increase the square feet of factory.

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